Scientific visualization for understanding

complex physics and technologies

Video presenting some early results of the visualization of gyrokinetic simulations.

Collab. C. Michoski and G. Merlo (University of Texas at Austin)

Blender render of the experimental setup for the mono-camera digital image multi-view correlation, a students research project performed at LMT (ENS Paris-Saclay).
Collab. L. Pflimlin, Q. Xu, S. Roux, M. Poncelet, C. Jailin.(LMT | ENS Paris-Saclay | CNRS | Université Paris-Saclay)
Fast four-dimensional test monitored via X-ray computed tomography - Single projection–based digital volume correlation applied to lung CT-scans.
Collab. with C. Jailin and S. Roux(LMT | ENS Paris-Saclay | CNRS | Université Paris-Saclay)Data provided by the CREATIS lab in Lyon.
Gyrokinetic simulation - Density, phi and temperature fieldsCollab. C. Michoski and G. Merlo (University of Texas at Austin)
Gyrokinetic simulation - Density, phi and temperature fields. The simulated data is integrated into a 3D environment made with Blender.
Video made for the HCERES evaluation of the LMT, showing a rendering for a possible future version of the SMART Testing project at LMT. The surfaces of the beam have been colored in order to improve the understanding of the position of the cameras on the two views on the right part of the animation.
3min long video commissioned by EikoSim for the presentation of the experiment performed with CETIM using their EikoTwin software for the identification of material parameters.
Representation of the SMART testing experiment, performed at LMT in 2015. This video was made using Blender. More information about this experiment can be found here.
Underwater view of the development of an algal bloom at the estuary of the Brazos river (TX). Made with ParaView and Blender

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